Geneva, Switzerland


Where the Jet d’Eau would have been if it was on.


Our weird little group: Me, Melissa, Helen, Grayson, and Claire 


United Nations building


Big chair in front of the United Nations building


Again, our weird group: Claire, Helen, Melissa, Grayson, Me


This appears to be a mountain 




Houses across the street from the Anne Frank House.


‘I amsterdam’ sign



Red light district 


The lovely ladies I went with: Yaya, Me, Emily, Michelle


Street graffiti 

guten tag 🇩🇪 (again)

So the week after spring break (still back in April, sorry!) my dad was over here in Europe for various business reasons. He spoke at a conference in Spain and then was back in Germany at the Eppingen office. So I decided to skip my class on Friday morning to go meet him in Germany. But bien sûr, there were travel complications (have I ever not had travel complications?) Philippe drove me to the train station that morning because I was bringing my dad one of my suitcases full of winter clothes and things I wouldn’t need (which was my dad’s idea because he figured it would be easier for me to travel home alone with only one of my huge suitcases). So I got to the train station with my ticket already printed…

I would like to add a quick side note-I had planned on leaving Friday morning and returning around 3:30pm on Monday which would mean that I was missing my class on Friday and also missing my first class on Monday, but of course I had to have a test in theology on Monday so I had had to exchange my ticket coming home for one that got me in in time for my theology class on Monday. And that train left at 6 in the morning 😒

…but I could tell that there was something going on because a ton of people were standing around staring at the departures board where most of the trains before mine were marked as delayed at least up to 40 minutes. My train was not marked as delayed, but the train before mine which was the 8am train for Paris (which was the same train I was taking but 45 minutes later) was delayed an hour, so I figured that my train would also end up being delayed. Luckily I had wifi in the train station so I looked up the train traffic and, of course, there had been an accident-a train had hit a truck or something like that-so all of the trains on that route (the route I was taking) were delayed. My train was eventually posted as being 40 minutes delayed so I knew there was no way that I was going to make my connecting train in Paris.

Another side note so that you all can understand how the trains work in Paris. There are multiple main train stations-Montparnasse, Gare du Nord, Gare de l’Est, etc-and each of these stations take you to different places. For example, I will only ever find a train going to Angers leaving from Montparnasse. To go to Germany, which is to the east of France, I would have to leave from Gare de l’Est. When I went to Amsterdam through Brussels in the north, I left from Gare du Nord. I think you all get it.

So I texted my dad letting him know that I was delayed and that our plans were most likely going to change. Like I said before, there was a train that was supposed to have left about an hour before mine that day that was going to Paris Montparnasse, which is where I was going. That train finally pulled into the station, and I thought to myself: “Why should I wait for my train to come in 40 minutes when this train is going to the same place?” So I hopped on board and grabbed an open seat and starting running in my head how to explain my situation to the train contrôleur when he came to check my ticket, but luckily for me, he never came. So I got to Paris Montparnasse and made my way to the metro as fast as I could-keep in mind that I have a pretty large and heavy suitcase, and going in between metro stops can entail many steps and long walks in between them. So I got to Gare de l’Est probably 10 minutes after my train left, so I went to the ticket booth and explained to the woman that there was an accident so my train was late so I missed my next train and could I please exchange my ticket, hopefully for free. She took a little while because she had to verify that I wasn’t making up my story to just try to get a free exchanged ticket, but eventually she was able to exchange it for no cost.

So I had about an hour to wait until my new train, so I went to the Starbucks that they have in the station and got myself a coffee and a muffin.

Ok another side story just because it’s actually really funny. So I was ordering my drink and the barista could tell I was American by my accent so he started talking to me in English. This usually really annoys me because just because I have an accent doesn’t mean I don’t speak French and doesn’t mean I don’t understand you, but whatever. So I spoke back to him in English, and when he asked me my name, I said it the way I would in English, which is not the same pronunciation as in French (the difference is in the first E in my name-American’s pronounce my name like Muhlissa and the French pronounce it like Maylissa so when I spell my name in French it’s spelled as Mélissa because an E with the accent é is pronounced ay). So I told him my name and was waiting for my drink and my dad called me, so I was talking to him, and a difference barista was standing there with a drink and calling out some name/word that I didn’t know, so I ignored her. Eventually no one was claiming the drink so she beckoned to me and asked what I had ordered. I told her and she handed me the drink and said, “Merci, Moussa.” Moussa? Who in the world is Moussa? I looked at the side of the cup where the other guy had written my name and it did indeed say Moussa. At first I was extremely confused, but I realized that since I had said my name in English, he really must not have understood and heard me say Moussa instead of Melissa.IMG_2859

So I was talking to my dad and told him the times that I was getting in the Germany. We had originally planned for him to pick me up in Heidelberg, but I was getting into Mannheim first and then was going to have to wait an hour for my train to Heidelberg, and my dad realized that getting to Mannheim would be just as easy as Heidelberg, so he decided to just pick me up there, which saved me about another hour and a half of train travel. So I had about a 3 hour train ride from Paris to Mannheim. I finally got in and my dad was sitting there at my platform waiting for me, just as I assumed he would be. We then drove back to Sinsheim where we just hung out at the hotel and got dinner.

On Saturday, after a lot of driving around, we went back to visit the castle in Sinsheim, like we did the first time we were there 10 months ago (yes, already 10 months ago). This time we actually explored the castle and I climbed up the very steep and sketchy steps of the tower, which really does give you a beautiful view of the country side, but those steps were not fun.

IMG_2876 IMG_2914 IMG_2882

After the castle, we drove to Nuremberg and visited the Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände (Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds Museum) which was actually very interesting. It is in what was the site of an unfinished congress building for the Nazi party. We learned that there were actually very elaborate architectural plans for buildings and parks and arenas that were all going to be built to show the power of the Nazi party, but the plans were never completed obviously because of World War II and the ending of the Nazi party. Most people know of Nuremberg because of the Nuremberg Trials after the war, but most people don’t know that the trails were held in Nuremberg because it was considered the most German town in all of Germany and was the site for many of the Nazi party rallies.

After Nuremberg, we drove to Munich to have dinner at the Hofbräuhaus. It was CRAZY. First of all, you walk in and are hit with a wall of hot air. The Hofbräuhaus is set up in the traditional German restaurant style, which is just a bunch of long tables next to each other in a giant room, and you sit down and eat wherever there’s room. People (not servers as my dad thought they were) were dressed in lederhosen and dirndl (traditional German outfits), people were walking around with giant baskets selling pretzels, and the smallest beer you could order was a liter. Dad got a light beer and I got a dark beer, but we both ordered pork schnitzel with cranberry sauce and German potato salad. It was sooooo good. IMG_2917

We stayed the night in Munich and went to the Olympic park the next day, from the 1972 Summer Olympics which were in Munich. We walked around and saw the buildings, the pool, the stadium, etc. We then decided to drive a few hours to see the Castle Neuschwanstein in Schwangau, Germany. This castle was the basis for Dinseyland’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Hong Kong and in Paris. Driving to the castle, we took a lot of backroads and it reminded me why Germany still is the prettiest countryside in my opinion.

The Castle Neuschwanstein is located on a hill so we took a horse carriage up to it and then did an audio tour. Pictures inside the castle aren’t allowed but being that it’s a fairly new castle, being constructed in the late 1800’s, it is truly amazing. Everything about the castle itself, the waterfall underneath it, the countryside it looks down on, everything was just picturesque. Walking back down the hill was not as fun, but we somehow made it, and then drove back to Sinsheim to spend the night before I had to go back to Angers the next day.


We had to get up around 5 the next morning to get to Mannheim for my early train, and that’s where we parted. Traveling back to Angers was fine, and much easier without my giant suitcase (thanks dad!). We had a really good weekend and got to see and learn some really cool and interesting things, and I always like Germany. I was of course also happy to see my old man after about 5 months, and from today, I’ll see him in 14 days!

Check out Places to see some more pictures of the countryside and the castle 🏰👍🏼

Bisous 😘

Blog update!

Hey everyone,

So I have been awful at keeping up with my blog this past year but of course now that I only have 14 days left in France, I want to update all of my posts, so in the next couple of days I am going to be updating my photos and places with more of the pictures I didn’t include in my posts throughout the year, not only to give you guys more of an idea of everything that I’ve done turning my time in France, but also because I’m getting nostalgic and want to go through all of my pictures and memories!

Bisous 😘


I’m not sure why I haven’t posted about this since it was a month ago, but during our spring break in April, my wonderful boyfriend Gabriel came to visit me since it was also his spring break. It was also during Easter, so we ended up doing a lot with my host family and their family, but I’ll just start from the beginning.

So sometime in March I was being whiney and complaining about who knows what, and had told Gabe that he should come visit me during his spring break. While I thought that I had just said something anyone in a long distance relationship would say to their boyfriend, Gabe, being the planner that he is, started scheming and figuring out how he could actually make it work. After asking his parents who amazingly said yes, Gabriel broke the news to me that he was coming to France! I cleared everything with my host family who graciously offered that he could stay with us, so on March 30th, Gabriel got onto an airplane to fly across the world to come see me 🙂 Now of course there were some minor complications:

  1. Gabriel figured there would be outlets on the plane to charge his dying phone, which there weren’t.
  2. He also didn’t know that Europe has different outlets so he didn’t have an adaptor, which was fine because i have plenty of chargers that he could use-of course they would only work once I was with him.
  3. Since I still had a few classes when he would be arriving in France, I figured that he would be able to navigate the airport and find the train station without my help, so instead of meeting him at the airport, I bought him a train ticket and planned on meeting him at the train station in Angers. Of course his plane leaving Chicago ended up being delayed an hour or something like that, and I knew with the time his train was, his plane getting in an hour late would cause him to miss the train. So I cancelled his train ticket in hopes of making an easy exchange and emailing him the ticket, but the website of course decided to have technical problems and I couldn’t buy a new ticket at all. So as Gabriel was boarding the plane and his phone was at 1% battery, I told him to just go to the train station after his flight and ask for the next train to Angers, which I assumed would be the 12:49 train which got into Angers around 3:15. This was all happening Monday night for me and I had class at 9am the next morning, so I tried to sleep, but of course the anxiety that my boyfriend would be navigating his way to Angers in a country whose language he didn’t speak at all got to me and I hardly slept. I went to class the next day (actually I think I had a test that morning, which I’m pretty sure I did fine on) and then went back home and tried to keep myself occupied until I could leave to the train station. Keep in mind that Gabe’s phone was dead, and even if it wasn’t, it would only work on wifi and I couldn’t remember if the train station at the airport had any wifi. So around 2:30 I finally let myself leave to the train station so I got there around 2:45, and of course the train I assumed he would be on was running 15 minutes late. Now, like I said, Gabe does not speak any French whatsoever. So I had advised him to just get off the train at the time his ticket said he would be arriving in Angers, but now the arrival time and what his ticket said would be different times, and I know if they made an announcement on the train that it would be 15 minutes late, it would only be in French and he wouldn’t have understood it. So I went to his platform and sat waiting, my heart just about beating out of my chest, until finally, around 3:30, the train pulled into the station. I looked around as people flooded out of the train and raced to get on, but I wasn’t seeing my Gabriel. Finally, down towards the end of the train, I saw a familiar face looking confused and looking around the station. I ran over and just about knocked him over with how hard I hugged him, yes excited that he was there, but mostly excited that he somehow managed to get to Angers despite all of the travel complications.
    1. After all my worries, Gabe explained to me everything that happened: He got to the airport and yes he would have missed his train that we originally got. He was smart and followed the other people on the plane onto the terminal shuttle and to the baggage claim. He followed the signs to the train station, like I told him to do, and found the ticket booth to buy a new ticket. I’m pretty sure he said he just stood in line and didn’t take a ticket so people yelled at him, but he figured it out. He managed to get the right train even though the vendor didn’t speak very good English and wasn’t helpful with how to read the ticket. He tried to buy a new phone charger but his card wasn’t accepted for whatever reason and he had no cash in euros so he just gave up on that. He asked around to random people to see if they spoke English to help him read his ticket, which really can be confusing. Finally someone pointed him in the right direction and he got onto his train platform-actually i think he went to the opposite side of the platform at first but then realized that wasn’t his train. When the train pulled up, he said it startled him because: “Out of nowhere this big ass train pulled into the station and I was expecting like an Amtrak.” A train controller told him which car to go to so he got on and found his seat. Thankfully he somehow started talking to a family on the train who spoke English, so they explained that Angers would be his third stop. He said he fell asleep a few times and every time he woke up and freaked out that he had missed his stop, but the nice English speaking man assured him that he hadn’t. Once he got to Angers, he didn’t actually know it was Angers (which is fair because the only big sign saying “Angers” on it is only visible if you come into the station from the other direction) but he listened to the man and got off and that’s when I found him.

So, I picked him up around 3:30 and I felt so bad because he was exhausted but I had a test in another class at 3:45 so instead of taking him home first he had to come straight to school with me and sit and wait for me to finish my test (I also did well on that test), but I had given him a charger for his phone. Once we got back to the house, I showed him around and introduced him to everyone. His shampoo had exploded in his suitcase so I had to wash all of his clothes for him. I’m pretty sure we had pizza that night and then he went to bed early of course. The next morning he got up and came to classes with me, but during my lunch break, he was not feeling well-probably a mixture of stress, traveling, and sleep depravation-so I took him home and gave him some medicine and he slept the rest of the day while I went to the rest of my classes. He was feeling better on Thursday so after my 8am class we went into town to this little hole-in-the-wall crêperie that I like and we had brunch. Afterwards I had one more class (another test-let’s just say I had multiple tests this week but I did well on all of them) and then we walked around town a little bit to see things like the cathedral and town center.IMG_2555

On Friday, I finally had one more class in the morning and then I was done, so I took Gabe to get kebabs for lunch (no, it’s not French, but it’s still totally part of this culture) and I believe it was raining so we walked around to different shops so Gabe could do some souvenir shopping. We went to dinner that night with my host family to my favorite restaurant in town La Côte de Bœuf where they make burgers de maison (de maison means that they make everything by hand…homemade I guess is how we would say it in English). We actually went to eat there with my dad when he first dropped me off. Gabe loved it-I actually think he said it was the best burger he’s ever had. After dinner, Claire came over so I could do her makeup and then we all went to the bar so Gabe could meet everyone. On Saturday, we had a picnic at the castle and even though it was kind of rainy we had fun. Even though Gabe’s birthday was in February, I took him to dinner that night to celebrate it anyways. I took him to this little Italian restaurant in town so that he could get lasagna because that’s his favorite


On Sunday for Easter, Gabriel, me, Tamao (my Japanese roommate), one of her friends, and the whole family went to Sables d’Orlonne to meet up with Cecile and Philippe’s family for Easter lunch. Sables d’Orlonne is on the seaside and it was a beautiful day so we got to walk on the beach and visit the piers. I actually even managed to get a little sunburnt. It was just a day trip and we took the train both ways but it was fun. Monday is France’s equivalent of Good Friday so everything was closed. Gabe and I had wanted to go visit Versailles on Monday but it was impossible to find a train, so we stayed at the house and had a big lunch with the family and then went on a walk down the river walk. We did manage to find an open restaurant in town for dinner even though the entire town was basically closed. On Tuesday we went to Paris to visit Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, L’arc de triomphe, we went on a boat tour that I’ve actually done multiple times that takes you past many of the major sites in Paris like the museums Le Louvre and Le musée d’Orsay, Notre Dame, etc. We went on the boat tour right at dusk so when we turned back around and went back towards the Eiffel Tower there was a beautiful sunset behind it and we got to watch it light up and sparkle so it was perfect.



Wednesday was Gabe’s flight back home so I took him to the airport and dropped him off at the security line. I had dropped him off around 11-11:30 i believe so I was planning on taking the 12:49 train back to Angers but of course when I went to buy the ticket, the train was full except for super expensive first class tickets, so I waited for the train that left around 3pm and got back to Angers around 5 something.The rest of the week I just stayed in Angers, saw some movies, tanned because it was beautiful out, and hung out with other people who were still in town.

So overall, I was obviously ecstatic to be able to spend time with Gabriel since I’ve now only seen him for about 2 weeks in the last 10 months, but I’m also happy that he was able to travel the world a little, since he had never been out of the country before, besides Mexico. It was funny though, and I realized how much I have progressed in my French, because there were countless times that someone would ask him a question in French and I would just look at him waiting to answer because I just assumed he understood them and he would just look at me like “what?” or there were even a few times where I would say something to him in French without realizing it and when he would say what? because he obviously didn’t understand, I would repeat myself again in French, because I honestly didn’t realize I was speaking French. It’s weird to hear something and completely understand it as if it were in English but it’s not…..I don’t know it’s cool and weird I guess. But it really did show me how much my French has improved so that was cool for me at least.

Stay posted for adventures at Disneyland Paris and in Rome!

Bisous 😘


So I thought that I had already posted about Switzerland, but clearly I did not as I just found the unfinished draft in my saved drafts. So I apologize for not posting my Switzerland shenanigans sooner. Also, I went to OFII today and I’m finally a legal foreigner! I will explain…

First of all-Switzerland. Of course, this turned into an interesting journey. What else is new.

So our break was a week, but we (Claire, Helen, Melissa, Grayson, and me) went only for 4 days…I don’t think we could have afforded any longer. So we travelled there on Wednesday Feb 4 (I just remember that because we left on Julien’s birthday) and travelled basically the whole day. We took multiple trains, leaving around 1:30 pm and arriving in Switzerland around 8-9pm. We rented an Airbnb-basically a guy who’s in Cambodia for the year is renting out his apartment and it was super nice and not far at all from downtown Geneva. The first night, all the grocery stores were closed, so we went to a kebab restaurant thinking it would be cheap, and it wasn’t at all. A meal you can get for €5 in Angers cost about 15 CHF (Swiss Francs)! So we realized we would be buying cheap food and eating in during our time there, which ended up being fine because Grayson is like a master chef. So the next morning, we woke up and went to grocery store and decided to make french toast and eggs and coffee and the whole bit. Well, when we got home, right as we started cooking, we ended up blowing a fuse, but only in the kitchen and half of the living room, including the outlet with the wifi router. So (as we thought) the kitchen didn’t work and the wifi didn’t work, and our French phones didn’t work, so we had to go to the neighbors asking if we could use their phone to call the girl who had let us into the house for the Airbnb guy, because she had the only key to the closet where we thought the fuse box was. Well, we couldn’t get ahold of her right away, so the nice (but kind of crazy) old neighbors let Claire and Grayson cook in their tiny kitchen, so we at least still got to eat. However, once everything was cooked, I had opened the fridge to get milk out, and noticed that the light was still on, which I knew was weird because if the power was out, the fridge light wouldn’t turn on. Then we tried the stove, and, guess what? That worked too! So as we had blown a fuse on the wall with the microwave, tea kettle, and light, everything else did in fact work. Not soon after we finished eating, the girl came over and showed us the fuse box, right next to the front door (it really didn’t look like a fuse box-more like a vent) so we could have fixed all of our problems all along, but it was still an adventure. We had planned on visiting some mountain while we were there too, but the neighbors had informed Claire and Grayson that because of the snow and bad weather, the mountain was not easily accessible and we would need snow shows-and not just snow boots, but actual snow shoes-like the tennis racket ones. So we decided to veto the mountain, and stayed around town. We went to a natural history museum, the St. Peter cathedral, the historic (old) part of town, we did go to see the water sprocket that Geneva is famous for but it was closed down because it was too cold, we got some Swiss hot chocolate, and then we went home, Grayson made dinner, and we called it a night.

The next day-Friday-Melissa, Helen, and Claire went to meet a Brother that Melissa knows, so Grayson and I went to the Museum of Beaux Arts, then to the United Nations building. That night we all just hung out, ate, drank, etc. We got up on Saturday and cleaned the apartment, then started our trek home. Everything went fine until we were on our train from Lyon to Angers, when, around 9pm, which was supposed to be an hour and a half before we arrived in Angers, the conductor came over the speak saying that there had been a “personal accident” and that the trains would be stopped until about 11:30pm. We found out that a “personal accident” meant that someone had jumped in front of a train. It wasn’t our train, but when that happens, all the trains in the route are stopped. So they gave us food, and we were thankfully in the more comfortable first class, and we didn’t end up having to wait all the way until 11:30pm to start moving again, but we still didn’t get home until around 2am. Nonetheless, it wasn’t the most eventful trip, but it was fun and I was able to spend time with people I hadn’t truly bonded with before.

So that Monday we started classes again (February 9), well kind of. The new students who arrived for second semester had taken their placement exams the week before, but the returning students had to either go to various meetings or for students like me who were placed in the “superior” level had to take a placement exam. So basically, there are different levels in my program, CIDEF. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and each of those levels have more sub-levels like B1.10-B1.25 for example. So I was in B1.25 last semester, which is the highest level of the B1 level, and this semester I tested into B2.22 which is the highest level of the B2 level. So that means that yes, my classes are harder, but I also have more options. I am taking some classes for credits back at St. Mary’s, but I am also able to take classes that I want. So I’m taking philosophy, theology, French, translation, and history of art. I know I already took translation and history of art, but I liked the courses so much that I decided to continue following them. Oh, and we recently got our grades from last semester, and I got all A’s and a mention Très Bien, which is the highest mention you can get in the French grading system. And my classes are going fine. They’re not all super interesting, but it’s still early in the semester so we’ll see what happens.

Last weekend I was able to go to Paris to visit Allie and some other smicks who are studying in Rome this semester but were visiting Paris, so that was super fun. For those who don’t know, Allie is one of my best friends and was my roommate last year, and I haven’t seen her since last May, so I was really happy that I got to see her, even though it was only for a few hours.

Then today, I went to Nantes, which is a town about an hour from Angers. If you all recall, during Christmas (I CANNOT believe it’s already been 3 months), I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to go home because I didn’t have my visa stamp from OFII (French office of immigration and integration) and today I finally got it! I had to go to Nantes, wandered around for a while trying to find the right tramways and the OFII building, and finally I got there. My appointment was at 2:45pm, but I didn’t actually get called in until around 3:30pm. It was a basic medical checkup, I had to strip down and have my chest x-rayed, and, since I’m completely healthy, there were no problems and I got my stamp and left. So I waited A LOT but it was easy and now it’s finally done! There was a girl in the OFII office when I was there who then I saw on the metro and she asked me for directions, and we started talking and realized that she also lives in Angers. So we grabbed a coffee and talked a little before heading home to Angers. She was really nice, her name is Esha and she is from India but she speaks English also. Small world!

Well I think that’s all I’ve got for you all right now. But I guess it’s kind of a lot. Anyways,

Bisous 😘

hellos and goodbyes

Well this past week was my finals week. It was a little stressful, but overall I felt good about my tests. I had my last test Friday morning (an oral exam that lasted about 20 minutes) and I’ve been on vacation since then. I honestly haven’t done much, but sometimes that’s nice. Last weekend we went to Nantes to see Cassiopée and have lunch with her to celebrate Lilamay’s birthday. We went to a beautiful restaurant called La Cigale (cicada) and the food was absolutely amazing. I’m not really sure what it all was but that didn’t stop me at all. Then we walked around the city and saw the castle and cathedral there. Lila’s actual birthday was on Monday, and we celebrated with homemade cheeseburgers, french fries, and a chocolate-speculoos cake with caramel frosting. I never complain about the food here.

Last night, my new Japanese roommate, Tamao, arrived, and Hiraku left this morning. He couldn’t stop thanking all of us last night and this morning for giving him such a wonderful experience and for helping him ameliorate his French. It was sad having to say goodbye to him and I really will miss hearing him say “oui oui” all the time. But Tamao is very sweet, and a little shy, but I am going to show her around the city today. Courtney and Meredith, two girls from Saint Mary’s, also arrived today so they may come with on our little tour.

It’s funny actually because I went to elementary school with Courtney. I’m pretty sure I’ve known her since kindergarten, and then we went to the same middle school and swam on the River Rats together for a little while. We obviously didn’t go to the same high school since I transferred to WA, but we ended up going to the same college! So I’ve pretty much known her my whole life and here we are studying in France together. And Meredith went to high school with another girl who I met here. It really is a small world.

Tomorrow, to celebrate Julien’s birthday 😉 I’m going to Switzerland for the rest of the week! I’m going with Helen, Claire, Melissa (not me obviously) and Grayson. We’re going to Geneva (or Genève  in French) until Saturday. None of us really know what’s there, but we’re planning on visiting the castle there, maybe climb a mountain, eat some swiss cheese and swiss chocolate. Who knows. But we’ll have fun.

Then I start second semester on Monday, the 9th. I have to take another placement test to see if I can place into the higher levels (which I should be able to easily unless I completely flunk the test) so hopefully that goes well. I’m not sure what classes to take. I know I want to take Philosophy and I may even continue my History of Art class (who would have ever expected me to say that) and maybe my Translation class as well, but we’ll see.

Otherwise, everything is good here. Cecile is working a lot on art pieces for an upcoming exhibition so that’s fun to watch. Nougatine decided to be clingy this morning (I think she misses Hiraku) and this is what happened:


I’m excited to meet some new people next week when everyone arrives, but I’ll definitely be happy to see some familiar faces too.

Bisous 😘